Funding Sources

The Kalamazoo County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (KCBRA) has access to an assortment of federal, state, and local funding tools and incentives to help support eligible brownfield properties. Please contact Macy Rose Walters, KCBRA Brownfield Redevelopment Coordinator, to find out more about the funding sources listed below.

U.S. EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant

In October 2021, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the KCBRA a $300,000 community-wide brownfield assessment grant for the assessment of petroleum sites and hazardous substances. The KCBRA can use these funds make significant improvements at formerly contaminated and blighted properties in Kalamazoo County. Find out more about these funds here.

Brownfield Plans & Tax Increment Revenue

The cleanup and projected redevelopment/improvement of a brownfield property often increases the taxable value. Taxes on the improvement (the increment in the captured taxable value) are known as Tax Increment Revenue (TIR) and can be used to reimburse the KCBRA and developer for eligible environmental and/or non-environmental activities. Brownfield Plans are used to capture up to a maximum of 30 years in TIR to reimburse these expenses. Find out more about these funds here.

Local Brownfield Revolving Fund (LBRF)

After the developer and KCBRA have been fully reimbursed for their eligible expenses, the KCBRA deposits excess funds into the Local Brownfield Revolving Fund (LBRF). The KCBRA has established the fund to capture TIR generated from improvements on Brownfield Plan properties for up to five years. These funds are available as a grant or loan depending on the project. Find out more about these funds here.

The KCBRA has access to additional funding through the following state and federal agencies:

Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE)

For current funding opportunities, please visit the EGLE website:,4561,7-135-3307_3515—,00.html

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

For current funding opportunities, please visit the MEDC  website:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

For more information about Targeted Brownfield Assessments, please visit the EPA website: