Local Brownfield Revolving Fund

A Local Brownfield Revolving Fund (LBRF), under the management of the KCBRA, has been established in accordance with Public Act 381 of 1996, as amended (Act 381). The LBRF funds accumulate from adopted KCBRA Brownfield Plans and represent excess tax increment revenue (TIR) capture after all eligible Brownfield expenses have been reimbursed. The purpose of the LBRF is to provide gap funding to conduct brownfield eligible activities on eligible property (property included in a Brownfield Plan) within Kalamazoo County.

Through the LBRF, the KCBRA will generally support projects that include a local unit of government support, leverage re-investment, create jobs, support the use of existing infrastructure, resolve environmental and brownfield site conditions and benefits the community. Since this is a revolving fund, the LBRF will be managed in a manner that LBRF funded projects will continue to generate revenue adequate to sustain the LBRF program long term.

Please contact Macy Rose Walters, KCBRA Brownfield Redevelopment Coordinator, to find out more about the LBRF and how to apply.

View the KCBRA Local Brownfield Revolving Fund Policies and Procedures here.