Stryker R&D Project


Stryker Instruments is currently developing a 485,000-square-foot research and development complex on former agricultural land in Portage. The property is considered a “facility” due to soil and water contamination on the site from its previous use. The redevelopment will include the new structure as well as new and improved roads, new sanitary and storm sewer mains, a new water main and other improvements that will benefit the project and community.

The Kalamazoo County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (KCBRA) provided support by completing a Brownfield Plan for the site. This will allow reimbursement of eligible activities associated with the redevelopment of the property through tax increment capture for Stryker, the City of Portage and the KCBRA’s Local Brownfield Revolving Fund (LBRF). The City of Portage is a Qualified Unit of Government, so non-environmental activities within the city are eligible for reimbursement with tax increment revenues which include public infrastructure and site preparation costs.

This project is an important success for the City of Portage and surrounding communities. Re-using this former brownfield site transforms land with limited use due to its contamination into a new development that will now benefit the area by providing new jobs, improved infrastructure and healthier environment.


Project Investment: ~$215 million

Property Area: 287 Acres

New Jobs: 105

Funding Sources:
City of Portage
Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption MEDC/MSF
Tax Increment Revenue

Project Partners:
City of Portage